The McSourcer placement process

Our placement success is in part due to a candidate inventory that is well filtered by our teams of advisors who only include those who seek to be McSourcer Top Tier Candidates.

This filtering process yields not only a continually fresh source of outstanding candidates but allows each career advisor to have a more in-depth understanding of the needs of each candidate.

The McSourcer Teams

We believe deeply in the think-tank concept. McSourcer teams of career advisors comprise a group of individuals who organize themselves organically throughout the day to successfully identify candidate placement opportunities based on skill requirements, culture and location.

Each McSourcer career advisor specializes in only one or two industries, ensuring that each industry in which McSourcer places candidates is handled by recruiters who bring to the table a specific knowledge base and understanding of the specific needs and requirements of each field.

Our advisors, exclusive to McSourcer, continually collaborate and work outside the box to drive effective placement. This process ensures that the potential of each candidate is thoroughly explored and matched correctly to our client's requirements.

McSourcer is organic to the marketplace

Most industries are evolving at an incredible pace. In our never-ending pursuit to provide the best service possible for our executive search clients, our teams of career advisors constantly keep themselves abreast of new industry developments while drawing upon leading industry reference resources, taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

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